Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wayanad !!

Wayanad is the another name of beauty !!
Life seemed beautiful when I sat in calm and serene surrounding, only sound that can be heard is of falling water and a picture perfect view from which I could not take my eyes off..everything seems so soft and calm !!
A sense of calmness was in my heart when I saw those enormous hills were partially getting covered by the white clouds, everything was green, this place has shown me all the shades of green, those tress were covering the hills perfectly and water was shining as liquid pearl and it was beautiful :)
Independent is the word to describe what I felt.
It was adventurous to travel in Jeep Safari and luck favoured to watch Deers and Wild Elephants :)
To travel in those roads, clean, smooth and covered with beautiful green trees from both sides was cherry on cake for the trip !!
And yes I can say Wayanad is another name of Beauty !!